House and Senate Bills – Michigan

This is an index of laws passed or being considered by the State of Michigan regarding cannabis, or marijuana.

These are the final versions of the Walsh Bills, as passed by the Legislature in 2012 and signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

2012-PA-0514 former House Bill 4834

2012-PA-0513 former House Bill 4853

2012-PA-0512 former House Bill 4851

2012-PA-0460 former House Bill 4856

Earlier versions of these bills, and others:

Michigan House Bill 4856 of 2011, early version

Michigan House Bill 4853 of 2011, early version

Michigan House Bill 4851, early version

House Bill 4834, as filed in 2011

H-2 amendment to House Bill 4856

H-1 amendment to Michigan House Bill 4853

The H-7 Amendment to HB 4851

The H-4 amendment to Michigan House Bill HB4834 of 2011

Amendment to Michigan House Bill 4834


Senate Bill 504 from 2011

Senate Bill 418 from 2011

Senate Bill 377 from 2011

Senate Bill 321 from 2011

Senate Bill 17 from 2011


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